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Get Your Website Set-Up


A marketing system usually consists of three things a CAPTURE page

a SALES page and AUTORESPONDER.  It’s very important that you

use a marketing funnel system when promoting your business.


It is highly recommended that you never send prospects directly to a

company website.

It is proven that you will never get as many sales if you do it that way.

It is highly recommended that you send prospects to your capture page

on your personal domain.

You should always use a CAPTURE page, so you can put an opt-in form

on your page, so you can get your prospects name and email address, so

your autoresponder can follow up with them.






*Most Highly Recommended*

-Personalized Marketing System

Hosting Autoresponder

MY personal help

COST: $15.99/Month

With This Option You Get Hosting, a Autoresponder and My Personal help: 

My personal help will include

  • Getting a domain name
  • Setting up hosting
  • Installing and Configuring word press
  • Setting up your Capture Page
  • Setting up your Autoresponder

The CAPTURE page is used to capture your prospects name and email address, which is also known as building a list.

You “capture” your prospects name and email address by using an opt-in form on the capture page.  This opt-in box comes from the autoresponder that you are using.

If you aren’t familiar with what an autoresponder is…it is a tool that enables you to send automated follow-up emails to your prospects, which continues to tell them about your Endless $60 Miracle Money Maker business. 

And, you will also have the capability of emailing everyone in your list all at once, any time you want.  This is very powerful.  Believe me…I’ve made many, many sales because I have my own list.

It is always beneficial to use an autoresponder!  This is because people don’t always make up their mind to join right on the spot.  So, by using an autoresponder, they will continue to get emails from you reminding them of your awesome business.  Many, many sales are contributed to the fact that an autoresponder is being used.  

Another benefit in having the CAPTURE page is that you can have your picture and bio on it.  In my experience, it is always a good idea to do this.  People feel more comfortable getting started in a business with you, when they feel like they know who you are.

If you choose this option…

You Need To Already Have A AWeber Autoresponder -or- Are Willing To Get One!  It is VERY important to have a professional autoresponder where you are building a list of your own. 

I’m so thankful someone once told me this!  I got a AWeber autoresponder about recently, and because I did, I now have a list of a few thousand people!

Aweber is $1 for the first 30 days and then $19.95 monthly. This is, by far, the best thing I’ve ever done in setting myself up to be successful online! And EVERYBODY needs an Auto responder for their business’.

If you choose this option, your prospect will go to your CAPTURE page first. Then, when they type in their information on the opt-in form, they will then be forwarded to your SALES page, as well as being added to your list. They will then start getting the automated emails from you. You don’t have to do anything to make that happen.

Here’s what you will receive: 

1.  Your Own Personalized CAPTURE Page.  

 CLICK HERE To See What It Will Look Like.

2.  AWeber Will Be Completely Set-Up For You – Including Pre-Written Letters!

3.  Your Own Personalized and Detailed SALES Page.  

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COST:  One-Time $39.99

*There are NO monthly fees.  


*Hosting is provided FREE of charge.


*When choosing this option, EVERYTHING 

will be completely done for you.


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