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Facts To Know About The Endless

$60 Miracle Money Maker



  • Tom Founded The Endless $60 Miracle Money Maker System (He got the idea from someone else, but made his own name, and his own website design and system.) 

  • I have taken the $60 Miracle Money Maker System and designed my own website and marketing funnel system

  • This System Was Founded To Use With The Website (Cash rewards for referring people to the website to fill out trial offers.)

  • The Purpose Of The Endless $60 Miracle Money Maker Is To Provide A Simple Way To Introduce How Can Be Used To Make A Lot Of Front-End Profit. To leverage into your own Marketing funnel System To build your list and grow your primary program.


How Everything Works Together

Here is a list that explains how everything works together.  I put this together to help you stay organized with what you need to do and when you need to do it.  Hope this helps! 





  1. You advertise your CAPTURE page URL which will be your personal domain 
  2. If you are using an opt-in form, which I highly recommend every time someone opt-ins on your website, you will get an email from listbuilderpro letting you know. 

  3. You can just file those emails.  You don’t need to do anything with them, because they will start to get emails from your autoresponder automatically.  

  4. The next thing your prospect will do, is to sign-up on your website.  When they do that, you will get an email from ZNZ that says, “”ZipNadaZilch: BigCash – Referral Signup. 

  5. When you get a new ZNZ referral, send them the email immediately that is under STEP 5 on this website.  

  6. Always keep an eye on your ZNZ back office.  Once you see a member has completed their 1.0 credit, make sure to send them the “Welcome Email” ASAP, so they know what to do next.  You can find this email under STEP 5 on this website. 

  7. Once a member has completed their 1.0 credit, you will also want to REQUEST YOUR $60 PAYMENT in your ZNZ back office.  Simply do that by clicking on “Order” link. 

  8. If you have chosen to send your members a $15 rebate, make sure you send them that money once you’ve received the $60 payment from ZNZ. 



    Login to your PayPal account.  

    -Click on “Send Money.”

    -Enter the recipient’s email address.

    -Enter the amount you are sending.

    -So, there will NOT be any fees applied, click on the

    “Personal” tab – NOT the “Purchase” tab.

    -Then, choose “Other.”  

    -In the subject line, you can put something like, “Rebate From




  10. Another little trick I learned to help me keep track of who I have already paid the rebate to, is to use the SCRATCH PAD feature in my ZNZ back office. 

  11. Finally, REMEMBER to introduce these members to the Miracle Money Millionaire program!  You have presented yourself as a leader to them.  You’ve introduced them to a FREE opportunity that is bringing them Non-Stop $60 payments, and you’ve given them a $15 rebate.  They are thankful that you helped them.  They like you and trust you.  This is your chance to introduce them to the Miracle Money Millionaire Program!