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A year in development and many upgrades and changes
its almost finished Get a sneak peak at the mailer 



Here is a list of the  functions we have put in the mailer to make the software the best software it could possibly be

Mailing lists Feature's 

 Create multiple mailing lists so you can build a list for each product or program you are promoting, 

  • Create Lists 
  • Mail one list or mail all lists 
  • Delete a lists.
  • Merge  lists. 

Message Management


  • Create and save messages to use over and over
  • Send html or text messages 
  • Send personalized messages with first name Last Name email address  and much more 

System configuration

The system will add a un-subscribe link to all messages sent.
You will be able to set the text that displays above the un-subscribe link.
The system handles all of the unsubscribes and bounces for you.
You will also be able to set the send rate, what this means is that you have full control over how fast or how slow your messages are sent.

Email Templates 

  • create  HTML Templates
  • Create Plain Text Templates
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