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This video will share with you HOW I make $60 Payment without taking ANY money out of POCKET!


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First…Please note that unfortunately at this time, The Endless $60 Miracle Money Maker is only offered to residents of United States, Canada, and the U.K. This is strictly due to the policy of the company that actually processes the payouts. I do apologize Also, at this time I can only provide “Zero Out Of Pocket” for residents of the USA.
Now, I Know You’re Anxious To Get Started,
So Here We Go…


This is extremely easy, so just follow the steps and don’t complicate things.What you’re going to do to qualify for multiple payments of $60 daily is complete
1.0 (one) credit worth of offers at BigCash.ZipNadaZilch and that’s it!
I told you this is simple. This will only take you about 30 to 60 minutes of your
time and you’re qualified forever to receive $60 over and over and it’s paid daily.However, you may spend $0 to $10 to complete this task. Now, I know what you’re saying, “I thought you said this was Zero Out Of Pocket!”Don’t panic, after you complete 1.0 (one) credit successfully, I am going to send you UP TO $15 directly to your PayPal account (this usually happens within 24 hours or so), which is more than likely at least double the amount you spent on completing the offers, thus bringing you back to Zero Out Of Pocket, plus some extra.
By the way, if you find a better offer than this, let me know. But I don’t think you will. Most people can complete 4-5 offers without spending any money, and their sponsor still sends them UP TO $15! Remember, once you complete this process, you never have to do anymore offers ever. You see, we (you and me) are not in the business of completing offers, we are in the business of making money and creating better lives!
You Will Always Be Able To Receive An Unlimited Amount Of
$60 Payments Forever!


Important:Please read all of the “Terms Of Service” (TOS) and the FAQ’s on the
BigCash.ZipNadaZilch site before you start.Two of the very important rules to follow are:

  1. Only 1 (one) account per household. (very strictly enforced)
  2. Only 1 (one) account per I.P. address (very strictly enforced)

If you have a family member that lives elsewhere and has their own
computer with a different I.P. address, then that’s perfectly fine. But, don’t
try to outsmart them because they will terminate your account right away.
What it boils down to is this, just read and follow their rules and you will be perfectly fine. It’s not hard… really.

Make sure you have a PayPal account. If you don’t, go here and get signed up.




Sign-up on the site by CLICKING ON THE BANNER below.Select the “$60 gift selection ONLY.” You will see other dollar amounts, but trust me those are much more complicated to complete and most people don’t even finish completing them. Like I said earlier, please don’t complicate things. This is very easy, if you just follow the steps and please don’t stray away from these simple detailed instructions, because I cannot undo certain things. Just follow the instructions and you will be perfectly fine.

Sign up using your “PayPal email address” and choose your password. You are paid your $60 payments directly to the PayPal email that you sign up with. So, make sure you sign up with your PayPal email address.

In order to receive your rebate that is UP TO $15 from me, you must make sure that where it says referrer it reads, “Referred By 143130” otherwise it will say “UNREFERRED” and you won’t show in my back office. And if you’re not in my back office, there is no way I can undo that, so I can’t pay you.
Just make sure that my referral ID number is there.



Now, it’s time to complete offers totaling 1.0 credit. When you click on “complete offers” for the first time, there might be a verification form that pops up. It will ask for your phone number. The only phone numbers that can be used are landlines or cell phones. NO VOIP. The system will then call you to verify. You won’t actually talk to anyone, it’s all automated. That’s it, now you’re ready to complete the offers.

Completing offers. I know from experience that you can complete this task
with only 3-5 offers and for $0 to $10 in about 30 to 60 minutes. Each offer
is worth a certain amount of points. For example, if your first offer is worth
“.50” which is half of the “1.0” needed to complete this task, at that point you
can either choose two more at “.25” to complete your 1.0 credit needed, or
one more at “.50” and that’s it, you’re done.

Remember to save each email that each offer sends to you. Remember
to cancel if you don’t want to continue beyond the trial date of each offer,
but cancel it a day before the trial expires. You must not cancela trial less
than 80% of the time allowed for the trial offer. For example, if you have
an offer going for a 10-day trial, you need to keep it at least 8 days, or
they may revoke your trial offer credit. So, make sure you keep your offers
at least 80% of the time allowed for the trial.

That’s it! You’re now ready to collect multiple $60 payments and
you haven’t spent a dime!


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Click On The Banner Below To Get
Started Earning $60 payments


Important: Do Not Advertise Or Share Your Referral Link Or Banners Until Your Credit Is Complete. It Will Show “Credit Completed” In Your BigCash.ZipNadaZilch Back Office Once You Have Completed Your Offers. This Usually Occurs Within 24 Hours Of Completing Your Offers. You Can Choose To Do Offers That Will Instantly Credit Your Account, If You Want.

Once you are credited for the offers you completed…

Then You’re Ready To Roll In UNLIMITED $60 or $80 Payments depending on the banner you click!!

Okay, the hard part is over. Now you can start collecting those $60 or $80 payments…
and that’s easy!

Now…I Want You To Think About Something…

What got you here? Let me guess…”Free Money!”

Who, in these tough economic times, is going to turn down FREE MONEY?

Nobody that I can think of!

Think of all the people you can help out, that are struggling!

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Maybe your college friends are struggling to make ends meet?

The more people you help and share this with, the more money you make!

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Use it to help yourself and others.

This Is GREAT!!

I know you’re excited to start rolling in those $60 or $80 payments! But let me just tell you this, you now have one of the most powerful tools to MAKE YOU MORE MONEY than you imagined!

I know you’re saying, “What do you mean by that?” What I mean is simply this: With the“Endless $60 or $80 Miracle Money Maker” method, you now have the vehicle to promote any online or offline business with the “ZERO OUT OF POCKET” method…

Here’s How: First, you introduce people to THIS program. EVERYONE will want to join, so they too, can start making ENDLESS $60 payments with NO out-of-pocket money to get started!

Now, they have a way to make all the money they want WITHOUT having spent money!

Second, you introduce them to your primary business opportunity. Since you have introduced them to a way to make endless $60 or $80 payments (again…without having to have spent money), they will LIKE you and TRUST you. You are now building a reputation as a leader, and they will want to follow you into another opportunity where they can make even MORE MONEY!

Lastly, you send them the same “Welcome Email” you received when you joined, so they too, will get the exact same instructions, which will show them how to get a website just like this! We’ve made it very EASY for everyone to DUPLICATE! Duplication means Big Bucks!

Q: Where Does The $60 Come From? Who Pays It?

A: The money is earned by completing the few offers from the companies who use this form of targeted advertising. You will receive $60 from ZipNadaZilch for every person you refer who completes the 1.0 credit or of offers.

You will receive $60 from ZipNadaZilch for every person you refer who completes the 1.0 credit or of offers.

Q: Where Does The $80 Come From? Who Pays It?

A: The money is earned by completing the few offers from the companies who use this form of targeted advertising. You will receive $80 from ZipNadaZilch for every person you refer who completes the 2.0 credit or of offers.

Hundreds of companies pay a lot of money to advertising brokers such as ZipNadaZilch for getting individuals to sign up for their trial offers.

This is truly one of the easiest ways to earn an extra income because everyone can do this with absolutely no out of pocket expense.

Important Note: Unless you want to keep using the offers that you sign up for, simply cancel the offers one day before the trial period ends. You have to wait at least 80% of the trial offer period before canceling or else they may revoke your trial offer credit.
What I suggest you do is…as you are signing up for the trial offers, make a note of how long the trial is for and write down on your calendar the exact date to cancel them.
As long as you cancel right before the trial period expires, you will never be charged. This is simple and painless. Remember, you only have to do this ONCE!

Q: What Is The Rebate All About?

A. Many people are choosing to give UP TO $15 to each of their referrals immediately after each person completes the 1.0 credit of offers. That way, in case they did spend any money in completing the offers, they will get their money back.

If you choose to run your business this way, you will actually earn $45 OR MORE instead of $60 per referral. You can choose not to offer any rebate at all and just keep the entire $60.

However, I think that you’ll find that by offering a rebate that is UP TO $15, it will make it much easier for you to get more people to sign up and complete the offers.

Q: How Long Has Been Around?

A: launched on July 14th, 2007. Their website reports they have paid out over $1,000,000 in money/prizes. There are literally hundreds of these exact same kinds of websites that offer money/prizes for signing up for trial offers of major companies. This is a way for these major companies to advertise and to get new customers.

So, if you look at these companies collectively, you can conclude that they are all stable and consistently paying their referrers. Otherwise, they wouldn’t last for more than a few weeks or months.

Q: How Do I Get Referrals?

There are many different ways for you to share this opportunity with others. You can share this with your family and friends without fear, because there is NO cost involved.

But, as we all know, it’s just a matter of time until you run out of family and friends to share it with, so when you join and complete your offers, you will receive a “Welcome Email” that will direct you to a very detailed, comprehensive training website that will give you every single thing you need to run this business.

Here’s some of the information you will be given on the training site:

  1. Instructions on how to get a website just like this one,
  2. Tested and proven ways to advertise your website that will bring fast and consistent traffic,
  3. Pre-written emails to use for your prospects and new members,
  4. Sample subject lines and ads,
  5. Online marketing tools, etc.

You are not left alone to figure things out! We are a team that helps each other to MAKE LOTS of MONEY for our families!

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