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One ring scammers targeting cellphone users

There’s a warning out about a scam involving “one ring” to your cellphone that results in unauthorized charges on your monthly wireless statement. Kai Reed has more on the details of the scam and how they make their money.

How to Test AAA-D Batteries FOR FREE Easiest Way for Any Battery Fast, Easy

Watch This Clip to Quickly Know the Difference!

If you suddenly find that you need some batteries and have a bunch of them laying around (maybe in your freezer) – you don’t need a fancy meter to know whether any given battery that you currently have is “good” or “bad” – all you have to do is to drop each one, vertically onto a hard, flat, smooth surface.

Watch this clip to know what kind of bounce distinguishes a charged battery from a dead one – works like a charm every time on AAA, AA, C and D batteries.