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Talk Face To Face

Talk Face To Face really has me excited about the future of Internet and relationship building . It was just introduced to a few people last night, (March 10, 2011).  And man did it get the attention of a lot of people. I mean this tool will take relationship building to a whole new level. Now I know a lot of you have heard that before. So don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself and make your own decision.

It’s called Talk Face To Face.

Talk Face to Face is a live support and sales system that will let you transfer your customers via live video to anyone on your buddy list. Group meetings, Perfect for Network Marketers. Take turns streaming and build list with teams of people.

Now I could tell you what I know about Talk Face To Face and how it works, but it would take some time to do so. So, here are a couple of videos that show you what it is and how you could possibly use it.

This first video is by one of the founders and owners:


Next is Rex Harris, a 14 year marketing veteran:

As you can see this is a very powerful tool and for those who are willing to step up their relationship building, it will be very useful in building relationships and lists. Think about it…..being right there right after someone opts in to your list and being able to help them and answer any of their questions.

We have started using this as a list building strategy. The uses are endless. We tested it on several sites simultaneously and it worked great!

I will let you know this. The owners have decided to market this amazing tool and resource to the Internet Marketing community. And you can become an affiliate. You can just imagine the market for something like this. It’s going be very appealing for the top marketers but everyone will be able to benefit from its many uses.


To learn more and get the details

visit the web site  Talk Face to face