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Autoresponder- Do You Have One?


We mentioned a little about about autoresponders in the previous email but I want to go over them a little more to make sure you have the right one.

When comparing an autoresponder you should look for the following options

Autoresponder image

  1. Pecialization tags
  2. HTML and text Messages
  3. Optin form generator
  4. Link tracking
  5.  Automatic bounce removal
  6. Automatic Unsubscribe


To make sure you’re getting what you need out of your autoresponder, simply compare your autoresponder with the ones of choice by top marketers.

Chances are they are using the best in the business, so go check the emails you get from names you trust and see where they’re coming from. You can do this by checking the unsubscribe link.

Another way to make your decision is to make sure the autoresponder you use has an anti-spam check feature. This is a way for the autoresponder companies to check your outgoing messages for urls and keywords that might make your email get blocked or never seen by anyone due to it having a high spam rating. By knowing this in advance, you can edit your message to optimize the potential of your email getting to your subcribers.

Another element of email marketing is making sure you have statistics like open rates and click rates. Being able to see how many emails are being opened can tell you if your subject line was any good or not. If you keep track of your email stats you’re one step ahead in optimizing your potential sales.

An Autoresponder is a tool every marketer needs.

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