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My name is Steve Pershall.  I’m your sponsor into  The Endless $60 Miracle Money Maker and the programs.  I just received notification that you signed up on the website.  Congratulations!

I’m thrilled to know that you see the importance of how you can make Non-Stop $60 Payments over and over again from this website, with NO out-of-pocket expense!

Here’s All You Need To Do To Get Qualified To Make Those Endless $60 Payments 24/7:

  1. Login to your back office at:
  2. Make sure all of the information in your “Profile”
    section is correct.
  3. IMPORTANT!  Click on the “Offers” link and
    complete 1.0 (one) credit in offers.  
  4. If you don’t want to keep these offers, make sure
    to make a note to yourself to cancel those offers
    1-2 days before you would be charged anything.
  5. That’s it!  You’re done!  Once you’ve completed
    the 1.0 credit, you never have to do any more offers.
    You are forever qualified to make $60 payments
    over & over for every person you refer!

Once you complete your 1.0 credit, and I have received my $60 Payment  from, I will send you $15 to your PayPal account, as I promised you!

IMPORTANT:  When you joined, if you signed up with an email address that is NOT your PayPal email address, please send me your PayPal email address right away.  I need it to pay you!
Just reply to this email and change the subject line to: My PayPal Email AddressANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once you complete the 1.0 credit in offers, I will send you my Welcome Email that will give you access to my Welcome/Training Website.

This website will give you every detail you need to start showing other people how they, too, can make Endless $60 Payments over and over again, without spending any money!

This is exciting stuff!  Everyone is looking for a way to make money from home WITHOUT spending money…and now we FINALLY have the answer for them!

Welcome aboard!  I look forward to working with you!  I’m here to help you…please let me know if you have any questions.

Many Blessings,