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Tom Mower Founder, President and Chief Science Officer Sisel International

Scientists wonder, why we are not living longer?

Those scientists, whom I spoke with, said that they were very surprised
“just how easy it is to change lifespan”, – so why is it not happening like it should.

Tom Mower says: “this is not a breaking the speed of light” type of question.

Sisels Triangle of Life (TOL) does it better than anything I have ever seen in any research conducted by any University or clinical trials by big Pharmacological’s.

Stem cell reversal?
Even smart M.D.’s are, themselves, shocked at what is suddenly possible with regard to stem cells – and we’re not talking about embryonic stem cells (a source of political wrangling) – we’re talking about taking a bit of your skin or blood or other cells, and reverting them back to a state of early development, where these cells can become (differentiate) into a younger version of that organ.

TS-X can reverse aging to maintain telomeres and then provides massive support for rebuilding telomere units in the youth regenerating stem cells. 

TS-X is the science of growing younger and does not require a $100 thousand dollar medical procedure to clone your stem cells. TS-X just reverses aging and you grow younger and…. you can do it in your own bathroom ;o) rather than in an operating room.
Researchers have changed the environment (signaling) of a cell, say a muscle cell, and it has acted younger, become younger, on its own without surgery.

And these cells and tissues are yours – not transplants – so there is no issue of rejection…. Well it is terrifically expense so while Donald Trump and Bill Gates may be able to afford it, it is priced out of the affordability marketplace for the rest of us chickens. BUT with the theory of ending aging Sisel is purporting: TS-X can support the muscle cells to produce man more new young ones (muscle cells) thus changing the ration in theory from many old cells to fewer young cells. This age reversing should create many young cells and fewer old cells and the total cells in the muscles increase steadily over the years. No transplants needed, just TS-X each day will keep old age away.
Researchers say Mitochondria need to be repaired for energy necessary to fuel regeneration and extended lifespan…Well, Eternity can come to the rescue for repairing and generating new mitochondria. Researchers say the ingredients it contains were tested and repaired old wearing out Mitochondria and then went on to create twice that number in each cell with new young ones. So Sisel triumphs again!
So enter your bathroom and take advantage of the latest science to reverse aging, grown young and do it with more advanced products that researchers may be working on in Universities and Clinics around the world. Sisel is Ahead of the Future…