A closer look at solavei pre-paid wireless service

Steves ImageMy Name is Steve Pershall and I have  been a Solavei member since Jan 1 2014  so I have been able  to experience a full billing cycle with Solavei pre-paid wireless service.

No one else in the tech blog sphere is really reporting on solavei, and I’m getting a lot of questions on it, so I figured I would detail my experience from the last couple months. Read on for the full details.

before switching to solavei I was with t-mobile for 4 years, when I herd about solavei running on the T-Mobil network I was concerned about the quality of the service.
In Jan I decided to switch my phone to test the quality of Solavei’s wireless service so I switched to their $29.00 month plan since I really did not need Data, this plan would save me $15.00 a month, I went online and purchase a sim card $10 first months service $29.00 for a total of around $43.00,  in 3-5 days the sim card arrived and I went online to solavei‘s website  to activate the sim and port my number to solavei with in 5 to 10 minutes I was finished and my new pre-paid wireless service was working.


With my new solavei pre-paid wireless service activated  I started calling  my friends to talk and learn first hand the service quality, WOW I was surprised I could not tell any different from when I was with T-Mobil, how Awesome is that.


Stephen Baldwin Switches To The Solavei Affordable Mobile Plan

Solavei pre-paid wireless