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Welcome To Step (1 & 2) of 3

   HI my name is Steve Pershall and I’m the person who referred you to this amazing new prospecting system! I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself before I explain the details of step 1.  I’d  also like to warn you up front that this system is 10x more effective than anything you’ve seen before… I was totally blown away after completing ALL 3 steps of this new system.

WARNING! Don’t be like me! Normally I blow things off because I have a bad case of “skepticism” (which I suppose is healthy to a certain degree) but this time I went through all 3 steps in order and followed the directions to a “T” and was stunned at how powerful this system really is. So whatever you do,make sure you finish all 3 steps- in order!

How To Complete Step #1: (it’s easy!)

Simply join the 2 income generators listed below and make note of your affiliate ID or username for each one. If you already belong to some of the programs listed, that’s ok, no need to re-join 🙂

After joining both programs you may continue to step #2 by clicking the link at the  bottom of this page.  

Take your time signing up for both programs and… 

I’ll meet you at step 2 once you’re done!

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2-in-2 Challenge

Get 2 people signed up in 2 days! Get them to do the same in 2 days and so on – AND – In 28 Days, Voila… $19,659.60 Per Month Is YOURS! You can also use your Lead Capture Page

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Watch the video below to learn how to explode your profits with Penny Matrix and Xplocial! Then to know how to order Paid Referrals from our Call Center *CLICK HERE*

If you can’t afford to join Xplocial now, don’t worry, you can create your free prospecting system anyway, just leave Xplocial section blank at step #3, do not enter anything. Later when you will be ready, you can join and update your account profile with your Xplocial username.


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